Why join?

To promote:
*The advancement, effectiveness, and quality of justice education
*Understanding and cooperation in the field of justice education
*The highest ethical standards in justice education professionals

To recognize:
*Achievements and contribution by educators, practitioners, and students

Who should join?

Regular Members: Those persons who are employed by or retired from accredited high schools, colleges or universities as supervisors, instructors, or direct academic personnel in Criminal Justice programs.
Associate members: Those persons who work in allied agencies, in or out of the State, having a particular interest in the objectives of the Association and who join for the purpose of coordination and agency relationship.

Please fill out the form below to apply for membership. Once the form is submitted you will be redirected to a payment screen.

Membership Form

Membership is for Oct 1st through Sept 30th. To join AJEA please fill out this form and pay the $25.00 membership fee.

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